Are you finding it hard to write now that summer’s here?  I have to confess that the sunshine saps my will to write. I don’t mind the heat and the mosquitoes, I just don’t want to be stuck in my office at my desk. I want to catch as many rays as possible before any more Big Bertha type storms hit us or the chilly autumn rolls around.  That means spending the maximum amount of time out in the garden.
Now I can read very happily out of doors or loll about in a sun-lounger listening to audio books, but I have a novel to finish and articles to compose and I can’t work on my laptop. The glare and reflection make it impossible for me to see my screen and write. (Isn’t it time that someone invented a glare-free, matt laptop screen like the one on Kindles?  Answers on a postcard please!)
Finally, I hit on a pretty obvious solution – go back to using pen and paper.  It does mean I have to transcribe my scrawled notes later or Google my research queries after dark but I am rediscovering the joys of scribbling.  I quite like being able to see all my re-workings. I enjoy circling words, adding phrases, and drawing swooping lines with arrows on the page to re-order paragraphs which I would normally cut and paste neatly.  There is something that feels creative about the process of annotating my text with question marks, exclamations and squiggly lines.  I can imagine literary historians pouring over my handwriting to decipher my true intentions and original thoughts centuries from now. Most important of all my tan is deepening and I am actually getting some work done.  Just pass me the Piz Buin and a large G&T.
Ardella Jones