Jerilyn Bence

Looking Back in Colour


Jerilyn Bence

We met when life was black and white

And skies were always blue,

Our paint-by-numbers grass was green

It only had one hue

Love was just a kiss away

On lazy summer days,

Walked through yellow fields full

Of nature’s perfumed haze

We didn’t see the grey clouds come

For grief to fall like rain,

We didn’t know that life and love

Is pink and full of pain

Moving on we picked the shades

To colour in our world,

Drawing each encounter in

Our tapestries unfurled

Threads from here and there we found

And wove them into cloth,

With sepia and subtle tones

Bright red and black for wrath

Brown earth was where we beat our fists,

Indigo the night,

Silver stars for gazing at till

Morning’s dewy light

A flat and flimsy painting when

We started on our way,

Is now a rich and crazy collage

Growing day by day.



Living in Interesting Times…

December 18th, 2020|Comments Off on Living in Interesting Times…

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