Manuscript editing

One-to-One Developmental Tutorials £150 We will critique a 2,000 word extract and a synopsis and provide phone/Zoom/Skype feedback plus written notes. A one hour face-to-face consultation/feedback session is an additional £50.00. Ideal for getting your project on track and assessing its potential.

Editing Services

We will provide:

  • Written critique addressing structure, plot, narrative inconsistencies, viewpoint, character, dialogue, pace, tone and narrative voice with suggestions for editing and development
  • Spelling, punctuation and grammar revision if appropriate
  • Phone/Zoom/Skype consultation

Our Deep Edit Service provides full spelling, punctuation and grammar corrections, a complete edit including minor rewrites and suggestions for development and a one hour one-to-one meeting (virtual or in person) at additional cost.

Fee Structure
Every manuscript is different and some require more work than others. The prices below are therefore a guide only, and could vary.

Short Story
Up to 2,000 words £75
Each additional 1,000 words £25

Children’s Picture Books and Early Readers

Our specialist Simona Sideri will critique children’s books of up to 1000 words for £100.00 with written notes and phone/Skype/Zoom feedback. A one hour follow up consultation is an additional £50.00. N.B. Children’s books have many additional factors including illustrations to take into account.

Feature length (120 pages) £250
Additional pages per page £2.00

Novel, non-fiction, autobiography
Editing a novel is a big time commitment for our tutors and also needs the writer to feel comfortable and confident with the level of editing and quality of feedback. We ask writers to pay an initial £50.00 consultation fee and submit a synopsis and extract of no more than 2000 words in total. We will return your work with notes. This will help both the editor and writer to decide if they can work together; it will also enable us to set the fee depending on how much input is required and how the writer wants to receive feedback. As a very rough guide 50,000 words will cost between £350 – 550 with every additional 10,000 costing £100 – 125.00. One hour face-to-face consultation (virtual or in person) £50.00. Second-read discount of 20%

For more information please contact us here.

You can also contact children’s writer and publishing professional Simona Sideri for editorial services



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